Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This & That (And a Toddler Who Eats Everything)

I meant to get this done earlier, but then I found my 2 year old playing with a magic eraser! After I stopped freaking out, I called poison control and was overjoyed to receive good news. The pads aren't actually poisonous. The concern with them is that they can be an irritant due to their abrasive quality, and if ingested, they are probably more of a choking hazard than a poison (insert sigh of relief). I don't think he ingested any of the pad, and he may not have even put it in his mouth, but I wanted to be sure things were alright. Thank God!

So, here I am trying to pull a post together last minute. I'll leave you with a few little bits of this and that and the promise of having something better for you tomorrow. 

While out and about yesterday, I picked up a small, round try that I quickly styled up for the dressing table in our room. (Remember, I'm on a mission to do something with this table. It had become a catch all. This is at least a start.)

And I also stopped at Lee Valley and came away with those decorative plates I had shown you and some ring pulls as well. Here's a very rough idea of what they would look like. Which do you prefer? I think I like the pulls best. 

The fiddle fig is going to go in this square basket eventually. I like the faceted pot it's in right now, but I wanted something bigger with a little more texture. 

This wall shelf is going to go in Avery's room once it turns white (wish I could snap my fingers to make that happen). I want to create a space for her to do her hair in one corner of her room. The shelf will hold some of her accessories (every girl has a few of those) and a mirror will hang above it. 

Sigh. I wish I had something better ready for you, but there's always tomorrow. At least supper is mostly ready. Crock pot to the rescue!




  1. wow lots of things on the go ...it all looks like so much fun!

  2. Love the shelf for Avery. Is it vintage or an antique? Also love the basket for the tree. It is more soothing to me. I like the pulls. I think for me anyway the asian thing has been going for a long time. We lived in Hawaii for 5 years in the 80's and incorporated so very much of it into our home and some of it is still with us but I find myself chipping away at it and reducing it's presence. We have some beautiful block prints from Japan that will have a home with us for many more years.


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