Monday, March 11, 2013

Mail I Like. Fabric I Like Even More.

My custom fabric from Hollie Cooper (Pillotopia) arrived today, and I'm smitten. It looks fabulous! (And will look even more fabulous on the chairs.) 

Can't wait to say good bye to the old upholstery. (Those tufted buttons on the seats collect SO many crumbs. Ugh.)

Hollie was so easy to work with and went the extra mile for us. She found the perfect shade of blue for our space (and did up several samples for us to choose from). She also cut the fabric into squares that will fit generously over the dining chair seat, and then hand-painted them one by one. The pattern of the white lines is unique to each square, but similar enough to tie together nicely. LOVE. There was a pleasant surprise in the package when it arrived too - an extra yard of fabric for me to use for pillows down the road. Talk about great service. Thank you, Hollie

As an aside, I made this super delicious cake over the weekend, and we've been devouring it a quickly as our tummies can handle it! I tend not to be much of a cake person unless it's cheesecake or black forest cake with sour cherries and real whipped cream, but this one was good. It's a chocolate sour cream bundt cake with a ganache. Very moist and decadent. Perfect with just a little ice cream on top. Recipe here

I hope you have a great start to your week, friends! So far we have a snowy start... again, but at least I have cake to eat. 




  1. Well the cake does sounds so yummy....but the fabric idea ...creative genius! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm glad your package arrived so quickly and that you are happy. Be sure to post pics of the finished product!


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