Thursday, March 14, 2013

Adriane Duckworth Original Paintings

Hello, friends! I hope this finds you well. Yesterday was packed full with running around so I didn't get a chance to put a post together. I did get lots of errands done though and some good "friend time" in, and we ate Thai for supper which makes for a glorious finish to a tiring day. (Keo's Kitchen makes the best Thai food. Any locals with me on that? Their pad Thai is to die for.) But I digress. 

You may remember this nursery design board I put together way back when. I just recently discovered who the talented artist is behind the animal paintings above the crib. (See below.) 

I always try to give credit whenever I can, but sometimes it's difficult to find the original source. I'm so glad I finally did though! Adriane Duckworth is the gal behind the charming paintings and yes, they are originals. Here's some more artsy goodness from Adriane. She not only sells her original artwork but has also branched out to include iphone and laptop skins, stationary, framed art prints, and pillows. (The whales are my favourite so look for them below!)

Visit her website here and her etsy shop here. Prices are quite reasonable. The original paintings are a little more than you would pay for a print (obviously), but they're still affordable. And there are art prints if you prefer that option! Lots of great stuff to choose from. I'm so glad to have found this Canadiana artist (Ontario) and her delightful work. 

I hope to get my craft on this afternoon and some sewing going once the kids go to bed tonight. Pillows for A's room are going to get done soon. Whoot! Need to knock stuff off the list. Pictures to come. Promise.

Catch you later!



  1. Oh wow, I love her art! I'm glad you shared this discovery!

  2. Hello there! I just discovered your lovely blog post, thank you so much for sharing my work! I appreciate it so much!!


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