Thursday, June 2, 2011

Greek Key

Greek Key. It's a popular look these days - showing up all over the place! Greek key is a decorative border or pattern that comes in several varieties. There seems to be no limit as to where it can be used either. You'll find the pattern showing up on everything from bedding to purses. 

My favourite place to find it is on the front of a sideboard or dresser. For example...

Christina Murphy via Decorpad

Via Decorpad

The above tone-on-tone look is subtle and classic. If you prefer contrast and some colour, there are those options too. (I like both looks and kind of flip-flop between the two.)

Sultan Chic

1st Dibs

Would you believe this turquoise/gold dresser is an IKEA hack/DIY project? You can read about it here.

Now (if you're up for a little fun), here are a few different rooms, all of which have some greek key in them. See if you can spot it. For some, it's obvious. For others, you have to look a little more closely. Have fun!

Via Decorpad

Via Decorpad

Lonny Mag

Via Decorpad

Via Cococozy

Mary McDonald

Nate Berkus

Suzanne Kasler via decorpad

How did you do?
  1. Bedding
  2. Pillows
  3. Roman Shade
  4. Rug
  5. Wallpaper
  6. Mirror and Trim on Settee
  7. Brown Armchairs
  8. Bench

And just a little more for good measure...

1. Jonathan Adler Accent Cushions
2. Jonathan Adler Richard Nixon Throw
3. Natalie Clayman Interior Design
4. Greek Key Coffee Table, 1st Dibs
5. Greek Key Towels, Sears

Had enough greekery? What do you think of this look?


Lonny Mag
Nate Berkus
Mary McDonald
Suzanne Kasler
Sultan Chic
1st Dibs
Christina Murphy

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  1. I do love this look. I adore Bri's hack. The colours are stunning.


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